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Ortho Molecular NK-Stim

Ortho Molecular NK-Stim

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NK-Stim is a targeted formula specifically designed to support natural killer cell activity.*

• Supports Immune Response*
• Supports the Body’s Natural Killer Cell Activity*
• Provides Support for Immune Challenges*
• Promotes Healthy Microflora in the GI Tract*

Of all the cells that make up the immune system, NK cells are the most aggressive. They make up nearly 15% of the total circulating lymphocyte (white blood cells) population and are part of the body’s innate immune system. NK cells are called natural killer cells because they do not need to recognize specific antibodies before releasing cytokines (strong intracellular signals) to destroy abnormal cells, allowing for a faster immune response. Once target cells are identified, NK cells trigger an immune response and direct other immune cells (dendritic cells, macrophages, and T cells) to take action against a potential threat to the body. Enhancing NK cell activity supports the body’s targeted immune response and promotes the normal process of eliminating unhealthy cells.

NK-Stim is a targeted formula specifically designed to support the body’s immune response by supporting natural killer cell (NK) activity. NK-Stim includes a synergistic combination of larch arabinogalactan, oleuropein (the active ingredient found in olive leaf extract), acemannan (the immune supporting constituent of aloe vera concentrate) and chelated zinc. NK-Stim’s unique preparation supports immune function, supports NK cell activity, promotes the growth of healthy bacteria (probiotics) in the gut, and helps maintain bacterial balance throughout the body.*

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