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Doc’s Original Awesome Aloe

Doc’s Original Awesome Aloe

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Aloe Vera is a long time, well known succulent plant with incredible healing properties. These capsules are amazing for so many health concerns! Just to name a few: soothing the ailing gut, easing constipation, easing tummy aches, and improving immune function.

The name Awesome Aloe came from The Mowry Brothers and refers to the fact that our concentrated aloe is made with the intent to retain as much of the raw plant properties as possible. This is done by never filtering the product, thus preserving the natural components, and by never letting the product reach a temperature higher than 99° Fahrenheit! This low-heat dehydration system ensures that the long polysaccharide chains remain intact, as they are found in nature. The longer the polysaccharide chain, the more effective it is at supporting the gut and immune system!


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