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Childrens Immune Bundle

Childrens Immune Bundle

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We talked about what to do if you get sick, now let's address your little ones.
Unless they have serious pre-existing conditions, little bodies are pretty resilient. But that doesn't mean we can't give their immune system an extra boost!
This protocol is all about:
Enhancing immunity: Say goodbye to sniffles and coughs!
Controlling symptoms: No more runny noses or restless nights!
Preventing future woes: Because proactive wellness is the ultimate gift!
Ready for my must-have recommendations? (Ages 12 months and up)
Daily Immune Support:
ViraKid by Ortho Molecular Products: 2 tablets a day for an extra shield!
Flora Bites by Ortho Molecular Products: 1 chewable probiotic to keep those good gut bugs happy!
Acute Immune Support for Colds (Bacterial/Viral):
Imu-Max by Ortho Molecular Products: 1 teaspoonful 3 times a day for 5 days to kick that bug to the curb!
ViraKid by Ortho Molecular Products: Double the dose (2 tablets twice a day) for 5 days for extra support!

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