Horse Kisses Lip Balm

Horse Kisses Lip Balm

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All natural, flavored lip-balm!

Make a note in your order to select your flavor!

Horse Kisses (watermelon, apple, and banana) 🍎 πŸ‰ 🍌
lavender πŸ’œ
vanilla 🍨
coconut πŸ₯₯
Maine blueberry 🫐

*2 for $10Β 

Proceeds for this smooth and amazing balm go to Doc’s Belgian horses that she and her family rescued! And they are now living their best life on her family farm at Hidden View Stables. See their sweet story below:Β 

This is the story of Able and Yukon 🐴🐴 they are Belgian Draft horses that loyally worked hard their entire life as Amish Plow horses. They are in their 20’s and they were found hungry, devastated, and discarded in a killpen in November 2020... BUT rescued by a local hero. Beth who owns Travellers Rest Farm Sanctuary.

Yukon is completely blind and 100% dependent on Able to eat, drink, and stay safe. He also has shivers. Able has a large leg (lymphedema). This pair had to stay together and Beth knew that so she pleaded for a long term foster Mom! That’s where Doc comes in!

As of January 24th 2021, they are at their forever home now at Hidden View Stables. They both are not very trusting of humans which appears to be due to past abuse. This will all change in time ❀️